A single phone number to connect them all!


The growing usage of VoLTE and VoWi-Fi is calling more and more for an interrelation between the existing fixed/mobile networks and the IMS Core. This will allow subscribers to have just a single phone number that will provide connectivity over different devices in different networks across different technological domains.


Matching ISDN with Internet addresses for a maximum reachability 

Opencode’s iENUM (TElephone NUmber Mapping) is a solution that boosts the subscriber reachability by matching the international ISDN E.164 address with Internet addresses (URL or IP address). This approach allows the use of the phone number as a search key in the DNS (Domain Name System) to determine the method for reaching the B-number. Opencode iENUM combines ENUM with DNS services on Opencode iSDP Super Telecom Application Server to provide a solution that also meets commercial/enterprise solution requirements such as private LTE and public safety networks. 


iENUM - a pioneer in addressing subscribers’ IMS multimedia services 

Opencode iENUM allows the number resolution to be independent of the IMS multimedia services the subscriber is using. A straightforward number resolution solution that simplifies the network architecture and reduced the associated CAPEX and OPEX. Opencode iENUM cuts also short the time-to-market of new IMS services such as Voice and Video over Broadband, IM (Instant Message), RCS (Rich Communication Suite), VoLTE, etc.

Example of integration: 


Highlighted features: 

  • Complies with IETF standard (RFC 2916, 3953, 6116, 6117)
  • Complies with GSMA NG.105 recommendation 
  • Parses various types of ENUM NAPTR (Name Authority PoinTeR) DNS query formats
  • Integrated with Tier 0, Tier 1 or Tier 2 ENUM databases 
  • MNP lookup over SS7 MAP or Diameter 
  • Acts as a SIP proxy for mobile originating and terminating VoIP calls
  • Enables ENUM-based routing in IMS core network (integrates with S-CSCF)
  • Acts as an O-TAS for originating calls and T-TAS for terminating calls
  • Flexible CAPEX and OPEX purchase models
  • On-premise and in-the-cloud deployment options
  • Fully-featured and secure user-friendly web interface
  • Business reports and statistics
  • Multi-level logging
  • Fault handling and SNMP alarming
  • Simplex, high-available and geo-redundant configurations
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