Deliver real-time network services for subscribers at home or while roaming.


CAMEL is today's standard for real-time network services and prepaid roaming. Opencode’s iCAMEL Gateway is an off-the-shelf solution minimizing CAMEL upgrade and support costs while delivering a higher return on investment.


CAMEL Gateway solution with multi-purpose network usage.

Opencode iCAMEL Gateway can be used to address a multitude of network needs such as Voice and Data Charging Gateway, Roaming Gateway, Service Switching Point (SSP) Gateway, Service Control Point (SCP) Gateway, Proxy HLR and others.

Example of integration:


Highlighted features:


  • In and Out Roaming Compliance
  • Roaming Data Node
  • Roaming CDR generation
  • Voice Charging
  • SMS Charging
  • USSD Charging
  • GPRS Charging
  • XML Application Server
  • IN Service Mobility
  • Owned, In-house developed and customizable SS7 stacks
  • ETSI TS 129 078 conformance
  • CAP Ph. 4 conformance
  • MAP Phase 3 conformance
  • Major network vendors’ INAP conformance
  • Interface translation for gsmSSF, gsmSRF, smsSSF, gprsSSF, gsmSCF
  • ISUP translation
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