Network technology for convenient and easier access to core elements and services


Opencode iCAMEL & iMAP Gateway (GW) is an essential building block in exposing CAMEL and MAP-relevant signaling functions within all-generation mobile networks. Its open network technology supports in real-time a variety of core network and IT standards. It allows significantly faster and higher level implementations of Core VAS and open SDP applications while remaining flexible and in control of protocol level network information. Opencode iCAMEL & iMAP GW is a key solution for fostering innovative and sustainable network applications and technologies as well as for creating new business models from the existing infrastructure.


Years of industry experience solving integration challenges result in open standards network access

Evolved from years of network experience and tested by the industry, Opencode iCAMEL & iMAP GW is an open platform that also helps operators overcome important integration and interoperability challenges with local and remote core network elements. Different core network nodes can be securely integrated in almost any application design.

Example of integration:


Highlighted features:


  • In and Out Roaming Compliance
  • Roaming Data Node
  • Roaming CDR generation
  • Voice Charging
  • SMS Charging
  • USSD Charging
  • GPRS Charging
  • XML Application Server
  • IN Service Mobility
  • Owned, In-house developed and customizable SS7 stacks
  • ETSI TS 129 078 conformance
  • CAP Ph. 4 conformance
  • MAP Phase 3 conformance
  • Major network vendors’ INAP conformance
  • Interface translation for gsmSSF, gsmSRF, smsSSF, gprsSSF, gsmSCF
  • ISUP translation
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