Opencode Cell Broadcast App - a new-generation emergency communication between people and authorities

Opencode is a company with decades of experience that has a rich portfolio of cutting-edge telecommunication technologies. Our Cell Broadcast App, along with tens of other telecom solutions, aims at presenting a next-level multi-channel communication between the mobile network operators, the official state authorities, and the general public.

Opencode Cell Broadcast Center (CBC) and Cell Broadcast Entity (CBE) are now complemented by an innovative Cell Broadcast App, unveiling a world of opportunities before both the governments and the citizens from all over the world.

What exactly is a cell broadcast app, and how does the Opencode Cell Broadcast App function? You can grasp the basics of the cell broadcast app technology and its potential implementations in the following short paragraphs, provided by our engineering and tech teams.

What exactly is a Cell Broadcast App - get to know the basics

Wireless emergency alerts are widely accepted as an early warning technology, employed in different cases of pending or unveiling danger. Usually, when employing a cell broadcast technology for the purposes of public warning systems, we have a one-way communication channel – from the authorities to the people.

The news is that now,Opencode Cell Broadcast App adds interactivity to Cell Broadcast alerts. This means that in addition to just displaying alerts or notifications, our Cell Broadcast App allows mobile subscribers to answer Cell Broadcast warningsin multiple ways. The Cell Broadcast App live feedback is possible by choosing one of the predefined answers that appear as a menu on the display of the user handheld device.

As simple as it sounds, this Cell Broadcast App functionality encourages a broad spectrum of swift steps taken to improve citizens' safety and well-being in times of crisis. That’s why an increasing number of governments and MNOs are nowadays working together for implementing an expert cell broadcast app for greater public safety.

How does a Cell Broadcast App work?

The cell broadcast app is located on the SIM card and is specially designed to always be available when needed. Practically, users are not authorized to delete or modify the cell broadcast app in any way - it is automatically installed and maintained under the initiative of their chosen provider.

Opencode Cell Broadcast App could be preinstalled on the SIM card or installed/updated at a later point of time over-the-air (OTA) by using the standard SMS or data channels. The process of preinstalling or updating the cell broadcast app requires no user interaction – it is speedy, seamless, and invisible.

The subscribers’ answers to emergency alerts in the cell broadcast app can be sent to the network via SMS, USSD, or data, depending on the internal infrastructure of the state. The cell broadcast app feedback is then received by authorities and taken into consideration when determining the next steps in the crisis management plan.

Once again - the cell broadcast app feedback from the population is essential and can provide Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) or officials with in-depth information about people in distress and their most pressing needs. History knows cases when cell broadcast app feedback had re-defined the crisis management strategy and greatly improved it in order to save lives.

Cell Broadcast App functionality scope

State governments and authorities send out emergency alerts in various cases of man-provoked or nature-provoked disasters.

With the Opencode Cell Broadcast App, the public can now freely answer and give feedback on their current situation. Using a cell broadcast app to report your current status can result in two major improvements of state reaction, namely:

  • Receiving targeted personal help after reporting an urgency in the cell broadcast app;
  • Using the cell broadcast app for contributing to the formation of real-time analysis of the spread, severity, and other details about the distressful situation.

All in all, sending feedback in the cell broadcast app can help officials plan and execute the best possible strategy for your region by estimating the severity of the disaster and its damage to the local people.

Cell broadcast app purposes and practical use cases

A cell broadcast app can be employed in a number of different cases. Theory to practice, a pre-installed cell broadcast app practical use cases can cover situations such as:

  • Weather-related disasters - hurricanes, tornadoes, snowstorms, sandstorms, fires, severe temperature, etc.
  • Geological disasters - floods, tsunami, etc.
  • Industrial disasters - air and water contamination, spills, chemical leaks, explosions, etc.
  • А cell broadcast app can also prove efficient in various armed conflicts.
  • Medical emergencies - epidemics, pandemics, and more.

The vital information that can be obtained by using an adept cell broadcast app includes location, a rough number of people in distress, and a thorough definition of their vital needs - water, food, medicine, evacuation, etc.

The information from Opencode Cell Broadcast App, coupled with Opencode SDP super telecom application server, can do the mapping of subscribers’ answers on a GIS map in order to better zone the needs of the people in the disaster area.

These unique cell broadcast app functionalities can potentially be of enormous help for the authorities to plan the distribution of water, food, medicine, and on-site rescue teams accordingly.

Why choose Opencode Cell Broadcast App?

Opencode had embedded a vast scope of experience, expertise, and flexibility in developing our new-generation cell broadcast app.

Our team of 160 engineers is continually striving to stay flexible and open to the customers' needs; here, the cell broadcast app makes no exception. We are here to brainstorm and provide tailored cell broadcast app decisions that are suitable for any system, standard, and infrastructure.

When choosing our Cell Broadcast Entity, Cell Broadcast Center, or Cell Broadcast App, you will receive express module installation, thorough training, and complete instructions on the applicability and maintenance of the modules.

If you need to know more technical or practical details on the Opencode Cell Broadcast App, you are welcomed to drop us a line or give us a call.

Opencode Cell Broadcast App - a new-generation emergency communication between people and authorities

What exactly is a Cell Broadcast App - get to know the basics

How does a Cell Broadcast App work?

Cell Broadcast App functionality scope

Cell Broadcast App purposes and practical use cases

Why choose Opencode Cell Broadcast App?

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