IoT System fundamentals - meaning, modules, applications, opportunities

An IoT system, or the Internet of Things module installation, is an emerging technology with growing importance throughout all business sectors and all spheres of peoples' lives as we know them today.

Employing a robust IoT system has the potential to drive value and skyrocket the performance of any business endeavor by improving its speed, expense balance, functionality, applications, and ultimate user experience. That is precisely the reason why the projected growth rate of the IoT system market is expected to jump from $170 billion in 2017 to $560 billion in 2022.

With a team of over 600 professional engineers and technicians, Opencode is now pleased to present a cutting-edge IoT system with custom-developed modules suitable for making your MNO business grow and expand at an extraordinary pace. How is that expected to happen? Get to know the basics in the following short paragraphs that define the essential value of an IoT system for the business.

Opencode IoT System essence and applicability

By definition, an IoT system is a system of interrelated mechanical and digital computing devices equipped with unique identifiers that can convey data over a network without needing either human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. Thus, an IoT system can present some brand-new opportunities for conducting business processes on all levels.

The IoT system of Opencode is uniquely developed for the needs of the Mobile Network Operators - MNOs. As a standard-setting company in the field of telecommunications solutions, we have now taken the next step to the future by developing a new-generation IoT system that supports an extended range of opportunities for MNO providers, their partners, and their final users.

As of 2020, our specialized portfolio, IoT system including, serves the functional needs of 60 mobile operators in more than 50 countries worldwide. How exactly does an IoT system improve the administration and encourage the evolution in the MNO field? Let us tell you more about it.

How does employing an IoT system drive the evolution of an MNO?

Upgrading your MNO with the Opencode IoT system can be challenging, but it eventually pays off by taking the operator to an entirely new business level. As a part of the MNO evolution inevitably triggered by an adept IoT system, we can underline the following vital transformations:

  • An IoT system supports switching from owning the service to being a part of an integrated service;
  • An IoT system encourages the transition from pure telecom expertise to broader industry-focused aptitude;
  • An IoT system allows MNO to shift from delivering standard infra for all customers to delivering dedicated infra for part of the customers;
  • An IoT system inspires expanding your MNO priorities and changing the retail focus with a broader enterprise focus.

As simple as they sound, these changes indicate creating an entirely new world of perspectives. Thus, an IoT system ensures stable growth and steady MNO relevance in the ever-evolving realm of hi-tech telecommunications.

IoT system basic modules and functionalities

The end-to-end IoT system of Opencode consists of two separate modules: an IoT connect center and an IoT device application enabler. Their combined IoT system functions underpin a variety of MNO functionalities, including:

  • Service APIs exposure;
  • Device management & diagnostics;
  • Connectivity monitoring, alarms & reporting;
  • SMS center;
  • Device & data management.

Taking advantage of these IoT system potentials, MNOs are encouraged to provide better provisioning, order, and subscription management, as well as intelligent and swift rating, billing, and policy control.

These IoT system implementations are, of course, subject to a set of various prerequisites, thoroughly described in our brochure, and continually available on request by our customer support team.

IoT system benefits for the operator

Explaining the exact technical constitution and process flow of the Opencode IoT System might be a bit complicated for the inexperienced person. Yet, its perks and benefits for the operator are audibly definable and rather easy to grasp. Put shortly, an ingenious and well-suited IoT System can enhance the MNO processes regarding:

  • Custom offers and partner account management;
  • Tailored product, service, and merchandise offer management;
  • Managing outsourced stocks and devices on behalf of your partners;
  • Real-time reporting, monitoring, and statistics on all levels;

At the end of the day, an IoT System has the power to define a mobile network operator as a leader in their field, by letting them establish, build, organize, manage, and improve their products and services in accordance with the latest standards in the industry.

IoT System benefits for the partners and clients of the operator

Every brand's ultimate aim is rooting at the satisfaction of its partners and customers since this is the most potent growth engine available out there. So, here is how suiting your mobile network operator with the Opencode IoT system will affect the experience of your associates:

  • Opencode IoT System supports intelligent ordering, provision and activating of brand-new SIMs and devices;
  • Opencode IoT System maintains swift device & connection management following partners' individual needs;
  • Opencode IoT System will encourage your customers to order and manage MNO IoT products and services in a rapid, secure, and highly and personalized manner
  • Opencode IoT System will provide access to real-time statistics and reporting for all the parties concerned;

Integrating an IoT System into your MNO administration, service provision, and supply chain management is virtually an invaluable investment in the future competitiveness of your operator. Because the future is here and being left out means being swiped away.

Learn more about our IoT System management modules

Now that you have the most basic information on the Opencode IoT System, its potential, and its advantages, you can always go on and dig deeper.

You can do so by exploring our dedicated module pages, downloading our brochures for further technical specifications, or just giving us a call and letting us address all the details on the Opencode IoT system that might interest you.

Because bringing value and innovation is not merely our job, but also our passion.

IoT System fundamentals - meaning, modules, applications, opportunities

Opencode IoT System essence and applicability

How does employing an IoT System drive the evolution of an MNO?

IoT System basic modules and functionalities

IoT system benefits for the operator

IoT System benefits for the partners and clients of the operator

Learn more about our IoT System management modules

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