Enable mobile calling at the expense of the called parties and launch new reverse charging services.


Enable mobile calling at the expense of the called parties and launch new reverse charging services. A Collect Call service allows the calling party to place a call at the expense of the called party. Prior to connection the Called party is asked for approval. In the past, collect calls were operator-assisted, later on available via toll free number and now adapted for mobile networks.


A new mobile revenue opportunity

Mobile Collect calling fits the needs of different market segments and has use cases allowing new revenue generation:

  • Community, family and kids calling
  • Enterprise and Business calling
  • Prepaid subscribers with low balance can continue calling and generate revenue
  • Other cases of reverse and third-party call charging.


Flexible reverse billing and cost-sharing capabilities

Opencode provides various reverse billing options adapted to today’s marketing needs. Full call charging to the Called party, sharing the cost of call among the parties, or billing to third parties are supported.


Roamer Collect Calling and forward looking to new opportunities

Connected to the switching and billing core network infrastructure, Opencode’s solution achieves other reverse charging revenues open by the Collect Call service. By introducing a new Roaming Collect Call service, roamers can receive calls at the expense of the Calling party.

Example of integration:


Highlighted features:


  • Service invocation by prefix, callback and automatic
  • Cost of call charging to called party
  • Cost of call sharing between the parties
  • Cost of call charging to third party
  • Dynamic caller’s announcement
  • After-call Balance Notification
  • Automatic Redial – if a party is unavailable
  • Roaming Collect Call service
  • Pre-call and In-call announcements
  • Prepaid & postpaid billing support
  • Configurable Call Sequences
  • USSDC and SMSC connectivity
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