Empowering 5G Core Functions Exposure and Innovation

Unlock the 5G network true potential with Opencode 5G Network Exposure Function (NEF). As the key enabler in the flexible Service-based Architecture (SBA), Opencode NEF seamlessly opens the doors of the 5G Core Network to a world of possibilities. By securely exposing standard 5G network capabilities to third-party applications and internal systems, Opencode NEF revolutionizes the way Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) interact with the digital landscape.

Seamless Network Exposure and Integration

Opencode NEF acts as a bridge between Application Functions (AF) and the 5G Core Network Functions, ensuring that all external applications requiring access to internal data or functions pass through a secure authentication and authorization process. This seamless integration facilitates effortless connectivity for applications in the IoT, Gaming, and Enterprise Fleet Management realm.

3GPP Compliance for Customized 5G Call Flows

Opencode NEF is fully compliant with 3GPP standard HTTP/2 interfaces and can be extended to interact with various Network or IT elements. It supports 3GPP interfaces and call flows according to 3GPP TS 29.522 standard. Additionally, Opencode NEF allows the creation of customized call flows, empowering service creation within the 5G networks.

Network Exposure Function (NEF)
Opencode Network Exposure Function (NEF)
Network Integration

Network Exposure Function (NEF) Highlighted Features

  • Supports 3GPP standard HTTP/2 interfaces
  • Supports 3GPP TS 29.522 interfaces & call flows
  • Allows service creation in 5G networks
  • Scalable/Extendible architecture
  • Security & Throttling features
  • Supports OAuth2.0 framework using JWT
  • Flexible Accounts Module for personnalized authentication and authorization rules
  • Load balancing between Network Functions
  • Server/Client mode
  • Load-sharing mode for high performance and availability
  • Generates extensive log files and CDRs
  • Comprehensive statistics
  • Maintenance dashboard
  • Fault & Alarms management web interface
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