Opencode iUSSDC – today’s most advanced and relevant core messaging technology

Opencode Systems is a telecommunications solution provider, dedicated to open application delivery for the core mobile network.

In early 2000 Opencode introduced a new way to overcome rigidity of then USSD network infrastructure and gateway implementations. We designed and created the original USSDC (USSD Center) - a new fully open and network-centered USSD platform. The USSDC introduced revolutionary and first-to-market SMPP-enabled USSD gateway, VXML-enabled USSD Browser application server, multiple external interfaces and a critical web-based DIY Studio (service creation environment).

This innovative architecture has allowed Opencode to simplify the access of mobile users to core network applications, thus setting the standard for USSDC with Operator defined, developed and deployed USSD applications.

Later on Opencode established the world's first USSD machine-to-machine communication by allowing one core network equipment to interface another through simulation of a mobile subscriber USSD session. This created new integration opportunities to open network equipment to external applications without changing it. This innovation has resulted into multi-million savings for many MNOs in various countries and has contributed to fast mobile application deployments. USSD machine-to-machine communication is utilized today by network vendors. For example, HLR vendors forward LU (Location Update) messages over USSD removing the need of active signaling probes and enabling affordable and faster deployment of roaming and location applications.

In 2006 Gartner recognized the significance of an open USSD infrastructure and their USSD market study has identified Opencode as a key technology and market player. The Gartner USSD report mentions the importance of an open multi-application development environment for MNOs and gives Opencode DIY USSD Web Studio as an example.

Today MNOs in 50 countries have migrated their USSD infrastructure to Opencode iUSSD Center. Opencode continues to lead the USSD innovation marking important milestones such as USSD-over-Data, USSD B2B2X, USSD M2M, USSD IMS and others. Opencode USSD Browser application server has evolved into a multi-channel Network Browser application server, while the Studio has developed into a universal environment for application creation and orchestration.

Opencode has been granted USSD patents by patent offices in the European Union, USA, France, Germany, England and Sweden.

Opencode is a debt-free company with a worldwide staff of 160 engineers. For more details on our and our clients' locations please check here.

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