IDE for Converged Network Services & Mobile Apps  

Opencode Studio is a an end-to-end multi-channel, multi-provider and multi-network Service Creation Environment for developing, testing and deploying sophisticated network services and mobile apps. It allows allows effortless on-premises and in-the-cloud service deployment. 

A revolutionary do-it-yourself multi-channel Studio for design, creation and deployment of core network services

Today’s “I-want-it-now” users make mobile operators to take on a new and dynamic approach to core network services. Opencode Studio is an essential network framework technology unlatching mobile operators’ in-house innovation while answering the high market expectations. In regards to network service design and deployment Opencode Studio provides new dynamic approach. It brings many do-it-yourself network innovations such as revolutionary Single-logic Multi-channel Delivery and Service Layers. Service Layers, for example, are easily developed, changed, reused and orchestrated, thus making sophisticated network services less complicated, more effective and very powerful. 

Example of integration:  


Highlighted features:  

  • Supports 2G/3G/4G/5G mobile network architectures and standards
  • Non-intrusive network architecture
  • Hyper-language driven service execution and orchestration
  • Service Brokering
  • Per service state machine design
  • Core Network & VAS service creation studio
  • Single-logic, multi-channel delivery
  • SOA Governance Control Cycle
  • M2M Business driven domains and enablers
  • Service and API definition
  • Any-to-any service exposure
  • Off-the-shelf Core gateways
  • Off-the-shelf Channel gateways
  • Off-the-shelf IP & Integration Gateways
  • Any-to-any protocol/API translation
  • Protocol access and manipulation at message and parameter level
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