Flip Network-rejected Calls Into Revenue


When a prepaid caller with no balance is trying to issue a call the network dully rejects the attempt and the B-party remains unaware of the missed call. Here comes Opencode Mobile Beep Call which will push a poke call to B-party (micro call that will appear as missed call). In almost 40% of the cases the B-party will return the call thus a sizeable portion of the rejected by the networks calls will be recovered.

Issuing poke calls to B-parties regardless of their location, status and network profile

B-parties can always receive poke calls no matter if they are on- or off-net subscribers, pre- or postpaid, in roaming or not, etc. A-parties will be unable to use the service if they are off-net or are explicitly deemed non-eligible to use the service.

Example of integration:


Highlighted features:

  • Conventional and LTE network implementation
  • Network-initiated poke call (micro call) to B-Party
  • Available for voice and video calls
  • On-net prepaid A-party only
  • Available to on-net and off-net B-parties
  • A-party Self-activation/subscription and deactivation via USSD, Text, Web, IVR, App
  • Flexible activation/subscription charging (one-time or recurrent)
  • Capping control over abusive daily usage (A-party, B-party, both parties)
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