Transforming Missed Calls into Revenue

In the highly competitive and dynamic landscape of telecommunications, missed calls should no longer be considered lost opportunities – they are potential revenue streams waiting to be tapped. Opencode Voicemail (iVMS) is a cutting-edge solution that helps mobile operators convert missed calls into a steady voice revenue source. It is a versatile platform that seamlessly integrates into the MNO’s network to handle missed calls as an answering machine, IVR, or a user-friendly mobile app.

Paving the Way for Numerous New Monetization Options

Opencode iVMS allows Mobile Operators to charge a subscription for the service, monetize on call completion, voicemail retrieval and data consumption for those using the Visual Voicemail service. Additionally, operators can offer paid complementary features such as personalized greetings, call back options, and message forwarding that will also foster higher subscriber loyalty and engagement.

Highly Customizable Voicemail Making Communication Simpler

For users, Opencode iVMS simplifies communication. It effortlessly captures missed calls as voicemails that can also be conveniently answered directly by message deposit or callback. Numerous voicemail customization options are available, like storage for an extended period of time, active greetings, and even saving the message for future reference.

Opencode Voicemail (iVMS)
Opencode Voicemail (iVMS)
Network Integration

Voicemail (iVMS) Highlighted Features

  • 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G support
  • Customizable IVR menus
  • Voice message deposit
  • Voice message retrieval
  • Personal greetings setup
  • SIP, RTP, CAP, MAP support
  • Multiple codec’s support
  • Multilanguage support
  • Early Media Announcement
  • Auto provisioning on reception of forwarded calls
  • REST provisioning interface
  • Multi-channel notification
  • Message Waiting Indicator Support (MWI over SMS)
  • Silence Detection
  • Real-time encryption
  • Answer by message deposit
  • Call back
  • Creation of Blacklists
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