A crucial emergency alert application for public and early warning communications

Cell Broadcast Entity (CBE) is a cornerstone of every Public Warning System (PWS). Essentially, the CBE allows authorities, government agencies or MNOs to send emergency alerts using Cell Broadcast Center equipment, which in turn delivers these alerts to target geographic areas over the mobile network. As a result, emergency services can process not only inbound emergency calls, but also proactively inform the population, acting as a reverse 112/911.

Swift alert issuance in case of emergency situations

Opencode iCell Broadcast Entity (iCBE) provides easy and swift alert creation in case of emergency situations. Using online or offline maps, authorities can choose between preset areas of interest and municipalities. The targeted alert area can also be defined by drawing single/multiple polygons or other predefined shapes directly on the map. Depending on the emergency situation a wide range of alert attributes like priority, severity, category, location, validity, repetition, channel, network, etc. can be assigned. Custom alert creation logic and validation is also supported.


Preset alert templates and alert processing workflows for fast authorities’ reaction

In OC iCBE authorities can provision templates with preset alert attributes, geo-areas and validation workflow that helps win critical time and reduce risk of alert processing errors during emergency situations. Alert broadcasts can also be planned and executed automatically as per needed authority schedule.

End-to-end multi-tenant design adding usage synergies and expanding population reach

When activated in Multi-tenant mode and in combination with Opencode iCell Broadcast Center (iCBC) and Opencode iCell Broadcast eXpander (iCBX), authorities, MNOs and agencies can share the same infrastructure. Each tenant will be safely allowed to operate only its assets (owned network, owned emergency alert channels such as Cell Broadcast, SMS, radio, TV, IPTV, public digital signage displays, social networks, sirens, etc.). This enables authorities to create synergies on a national level as well as increase use cases and public exposure.

Was Cell Broadcast the Right Emergency Alert Channel For COVID-19 Pandemic?

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, Opencode investigated what channels authorities had used to keep citizens safe and informed. Check out our free Whitepaper to see how mass communication technologies fared against each other. 

Example of integration:


Highlighted features:

  • Supports EU-Alert, WEA/CMAS, ETWS
  • Supports CAP 1.2 and ATIS
  • Supports optional alert channels like SMS, radio, TV, IPTV, public digital signage displays, sirens, social networks
  • Single-tenant or Multi-tenant architecture
  • Supports custom alert creation and validation workflow 
  • Supports custom and standard alert templates definition
  • Integrates with unified or distributed Cell Broadcast Center(s)
  • Supports online/offline maps
  • Preset GIS with regions and municipalities
  • Over-a-map definition of virtual areas
  • Area definition and area access rights per tenant and tenant users
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