Security Shield: Enhanced Security for Opencode iSDP R5-S

Opencode Security Shield, a vital component of Opencode iSDP R5-S, is a comprehensive security solution that fortifies the entire system with advanced protective measures. Designed to adhere to the rigorous standards set by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) and the Center for Internet Security (CIS), Opencode Security Shield ensures heightened security across all levels of operation.

Tailored Security Solution for Network Services and APIs exposure

As cyber threats continue to evolve, maintaining a robust security framework is of paramount importance. We recognize this need and therefore integrate Opencode Security Shield within iSDP R5-S to provide a multi-layered defense against potential vulnerabilities and attacks. Having a configurable security layer, Opencode Security Shield offers a tailored security solution for Internet and partner exposure of network services, application web GUIs, and APIs while adhering to the stringent requirements of OWASP and CIS.

Expanding Monetization Options while Maintaining High Security

With Opencode Security Shield on board MNOs can expand their monetization options beyond their own business operations while maintaining a high level of protection. Whether it involves granting access to network services, enabling web-based GUIs to third-parties, or exposing APIs for seamless integration, Opencode Security Shield ensures that these interactions take place within a robust and secure environment.

Security Shield
Opencode Security Shield
Network Integration

Security Shield Highlighted Features

  • Sensitive data encryption
  • SNMP v3 support
  • File system integrity check
  • Secure boot settings
  • Enhanced access control
  • Network configuration hardening
  • Disablement of uncommon network protocols
  • Ensure data retention
  • Logging and auditing hardening
  • Backup of configuration and related files
  • MySQL permissions automatic check
  • Authentication hardening
  • Enhanced security of replication traffic
  • File system permissions automatic check
  • ICMP redirects blocking
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