Secure and Robust Deployment of eSIM Identity Profiles

Opencode Remote eSIM Provisioning (SMDP+) is a cutting-edge solution that enables on-demand and automatic remote provisioning of Mobile Network Operator (MNO) profiles into subscriber, IoT, and M2M eSIM devices. Opencode Studio-driven eSIM profile personalization and administration guarantee a seamless experience conforming to multiple GSMA standards, including SGP.22, SGP.02, ES9+, ES8+, and ES2+.

Bringing Many Advantages to MNOs and Subscribers Alike

Opencode Remote eSIM Provisioning empowers both end-users and the MNOs with its numerous advantages. For end-users, the transition from removable SIM cards to eSIMs brings simplified subscriptions management within a single embedded SIM card. On the other hand, operators find an easier and more straightforward way to expand their businesses into the fast-growing IoT-related automotive, wearables, and consumer electronics realm.

Simple and Straightforward Process to Become an MNO Subscriber

The process of Remote eSIM Provisioning (RSP) is designed to be quite user-friendly. After signing a contract with an MNO, the subscriber receives instructions on how to connect their device to the MNO's RSP system. Unlike physical SIM cards, the subscriber just needs to download and install their MNO profile on the eSIM to start using the MNO's services. The eSIM can simultaneously accommodate multiple MNO profiles, allowing subscribers to switch between profiles at their convenience.

Remote eSIM Provisioning (SMDP+)
Opencode Remote eSIM Provisioning (SMDP+)
Network Integration

Remote eSIM Provisioning (SMDP+) Highlighted Features

  • Support of various encryption algorithms
  • Compliant with remote eUICC management security recommendations and standards
    (GSMA SGP.22, SGP.02)
  • eSIM multi-vendor technologies compatibility
  • Custom MNO eSIM Provisioning workflow support
  • Consumer solution approach B2C (GSMA SGP.22) support
  • M2M solution approach B2B2C (GSMA SGP.02) support
  • MNO profile download in IP PUSH or IP PULL modes
  • Exposure of REST APIs to the MNO’s backend systems
  • Profile Lifecycle Management
  • Support of SIM Alliance Profiles Specifications
  • Supports generation and assignment of ICCID to the eSIM
  • Flexible integration with other Core or IT elements
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