“New-normal” adaptation pushes enterprises to modernize legacy systems like PBX  

The shift to remote working brought by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic made a lot of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) reassess the tools and systems that facilitate the smooth operation of their business. In most cases one of the first systems slated for modernization is the legacy PBX which appeared to be too much of a hassle to support and adapt to the fast-changing environment.  


Modernize and expand communication capabilities as business grows 

Opencode Mobile VPN (MVPN) is a budget-friendly and highly flexible solution providing a number of different voice communication services to the SMEs. It allows them to adapt swiftly to a growing business helping it to process a higher volume of phone calls without the need of hiring additional staff. It also offers full enterprise mobile telephony solution that considerably improves the communication among SME employees.


Creating new revenue streams in the IMS Core Network

Opencode MVPN expands the traditional connectivity revenue streams as it brings in additional income from related PBX services, subscriptions and user fees. The system easily integrates with the IMS Core, VoLTE or mobile and fixed legacy Core Networks and because it supports all the needed VoLTE and IMS HD codecs it also ensures impeccable voice call user experience that allows MNOs to commit to more demanding SLAs.  

Example of integration: 


Highlighted features: 

  • 3GPP, IETF and RFC standards compliant
  • Own, in-house developed and customizable SIP/RTP/Camel/Diameter protocol stacks
  • ISC Interface support
  • Supports any voice codec the MNO Core Network offers: G.711 or HD Codecs
  • Auto Attendant IVR Menus 
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Forwarding
  • Short Code Dialing for originating and terminating calls 
  • Configurable Call Recording Options - permanent or on-demand
  • Find Me/Follow Me/Hunting Groups 
  • Call Accounting - threshold, capping and call history generation
  • SMS over IP delivery to VoIP terminals
  • Optional - Conference Bridge
  • REST API exposure function
  • Web GUI for system management
  • Flexible CAPEX and OPEX purchase models
  • On-premise (MNO) and in-the-cloud deployment options
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