Simplify use of different mobile identities and increase ARPU


In many cases,subscribers need to use several different mobile identities. Until now, this required the purchase of additional SIM cards and devices which by no means is user-friendly and has many limitations.


Several mobile numbers active simultaneously on a single SIM card

Opencode Virtual Mobile Numbers (VMN) service allows current and new mobile subscribers to have several mobile lines active simultaneously on a single SIM card. Activation and deactivation of a mobile number is seamless and can be done at any time, from any access channel. Once the service is activated, mobile users can easily initiate and receive calls as well as text messages and switch between different mobile identities.

Example of integration:


Highlighted features:


  • Multiple virtual mobile lines in a single SIM
  • Prepaid and Postpaid virtual mobile numbers
  • Voice, Voicemail, Text, MMS and Data mobile virtual line service
  • All-channel Self-Care integration with USSD, SMS, WEB, IVR
  • VMN Smartphone App (Android, iOS)
  • VMN Facebook App with Facebook Friends Calling
  • Single Account Charging
  • Core Network Implementation
  • Intelligent Network Implementation
  • Service Node Implementation
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