Effortless Exposure of Network and Service Assets via HTTP, SOAP and REST APIs

Opencode Network API is a powerful, cutting-edge module that streamlines the creation of HTTP, SOAP, XML and REST APIs. With its remarkable speed, simplicity, and dependability, Opencode Network API enables the seamless exposure of service logic and network functions and gives operators advanced service enablement capabilities.

Open and Extendable Architecture with Robust Security and Throttling Safeguard

Opencode Network API offers an open and extendable architecture to meet diverse network and service exposure requirements. To mitigate the risk of network exposure Opencode Network API comes with comprehensive security features, including authentication and authorization. This ensures bullet-proof protection of internal nodes while enabling secure API access for external applications.

Extend Existing Service Logic to Multiple Channels with a Few Clicks

Mobile Operators can efficiently leverage Opencode Network API to extend their services across multiple channels. Existing service logic can be easily reused and, for example, extend the reach of USSD services via APIs to web and mobile app platforms. This will allow the Mobile Operator to connect with its customers on their preferred channels effortlessly.

Network API
Opencode Network API
Network Integration

Network API Highlighted Features

  • Service Logic exposure
  • Network Functions exposure
  • Multi-channel support
  • Exposure to 3rd parties via DMZ
  • HTTP API (GET/POST) support
  • REST API support
  • SOAP API support
  • Configurable APIs and methods
  • Configurable output and input parameter
  • Automatic WSDL file generation
  • Automatic API documentation generation
  • Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) compliant API
  • OpenAPI v3 compliant
  • Authentication with JSON Web Tokens (JWT)
  • Configurable authentication
  • SOAP authorization header
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