Flexible SMS application traffic management protecting both network and subscribers

Opencode iSMS Gateway (iSMS GW) is an all-in-one solution tailored to provide Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) with a highly flexible SMS traffic management of 3rd Party Application Providers. The platform offers comprehensive A2P, P2A, and A2A traffic management, streamlining messaging while protecting the core infrastructure from traffic overload and shielding subscribers from intrusive spam messages.

Features and capabilities that create a new revenue center

Opencode iSMS GW conveniently provides MNOs with multiple external integration interfaces, scalability to handle thousands of messages per second, and a rich feature set including dynamic routing rules, flexible retry policy, blacklisting, throughput throttling and more. In this way, the iSMS GW effectively turns into an important revenue center.

Multiple integration options with efficient message delivery on a lower cost

Opencode iSMS GW integrates effortlessly with the MNO SMSC and core network elements via SMPP while integration with Messaging & Content Providers can be via both SMPP and HTTP. Optional integrations with Diameter, MM7, REST, and other protocols ensure compatibility and flexibility tailored to your specific needs. Advanced traffic control features and customizable management options ensure efficient message delivery. The FDA mode allows maximum message throughput without hardware upgrades, e.g. lower operational costs while maintaining service quality and reliability.

Opencode iSMS Gateway
Opencode iSMS Gateway
Network Integration

iSMS Gateway Highlighted Features

  • Store & Forward Mode - prioritizing QoS
  • FDA Mode - prioritizing performance
  • Account Management
  • External Interfaces to 3rd Parties
  • Authentication
  • Flexible Retry Policy
  • Traffic Control Features
  • Delivery Report Management
  • Message Routing
  • Originating & Destination Address Validation
  • ESME Credit Management
  • Throughput Management
  • Black/Whitelist
  • Number Normalization
  • Intermediate Notification
  • Charging (MO/MT)
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