Open RAN - Opportunity or Transitional Technology?

Open RAN – Long-term Business Opportunity or Another Transitional Technology?

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In the early 2000s several telecommunication startups introduced to mobile service providers mission critical solutions built on commercially available off-the-shelf hardware and open-source software (such as Linux and MySQL). In the following 10-year period, mobile service providers adopted widely these solutions and mainstream telecom vendors joined the trend. Today, telecommunication solutions designed on top of open-source software are running most mobile networks.  At the same time, acclaimed open telecom standards, such as Parlay / Parlay X, became obsolete and multi-billion mobile network investments were lost.

On the back of these developments willOpen RAN be a new opportunity for building a long-term business or be just another transitional technology?

What are the latestOpen RAN trends within the telecommunications industry? What are Open RAN deployment, data rates and implementation challenges? Which are Open RAN best virtualization and hardware implementations? Are there Open RAN business models and applications? Download our whitepaper and find the answers.
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