Make sure critical emergency messages reach Emergency Services correctly and in time


Currently around 70% of all calls to emergency services are done via mobile devices. Unfortunately, in most cases callers do not exactly know their location, which is a fundamental condition to provide timely and efficient assistance.

With Opencode Emergency Location Gateway Advanced Mobile Location (AML) once callers dial the emergency number, their geographic location is automatically pushed as an SMS to the designated emergency end-points. Adoption of this technology is a challenge as implementing, integrating and operating emergency end-points handling AML SMS messages is pretty complex for the authorities as well for their emergency agencies and call centers.

Opencode AML Location Gateway comes to ensure swift AML implementation and facilitates the in-time and correct transmission of the critical AML messages between the MNO networks and the designated emergency services’ end-points. Moreover, built on-top of Opencode iSDP Super TAS, the Opencode AML Gateway guarantees the highest level of reliability and can be deployed in both unified (centralized) and local (decentralized) configuration.

The Opencode AML Location Gateway can be conveniently deployed together with the Opencode iCBC (Cell Broadcast Early Warning System).

Other products that have considerable synergies with AML Location Gateway are Location Campaign Manager and Subscriber Location Database.

AML explained below in a video by EENA (European Emergency Number Association)


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