Personalized campaigns on all mobile channels


MNO marketing teams constantly create offers that must meet the ever-changing individual and business client needs. Mobile Marketing is one of the few tools that provide fast and simple access to a large mass of customers. The creative potential of Mobile Marketing is fully utilized when deployed with custom-made, targeted campaigns across all mobile channels.


Advanced marketing and advertising tools

Opencode Campaign Manager offers a comprehensive approach for creation, execution, delivery and monitoring of contextual, dynamic and interactive surveys, promotions, bespoke mobile voting and key advertising messages. Mobile operators, independently or together with partners, can now easily enhance the exposure of their marketing campaigns and thus increase their ARPU and wholesale revenue. 


Increase customer engagement through actions

Opencode Campaign Manager allows MNOs to create the so-called action marketing campaigns where the predefined campaign action is triggered once the subscriber reaches a number of preset conditions/thresholds. In this way the system also becomes an effective tool for brand/product awareness and long-term loyalty increase. 

Example of integration:


Highlighted Features: 

  • Multiple Channels Support – USSD, SMS, MMS, Voice, E-mail, Push Notifications, Messaging Apps, RCS, etc.
  • Advanced Campaign Types - Contextual, Periodical, Dynamic and Action Campaigns
  • Multichannel Campaigns
  • Automatic Channel Failover
  • User-preferred Channel & Language
  • Campaign Creation & Configuration Management
  • Campaign Status and Approval Control
  • Provider Creation Management
  • API & Web Multi-access Support 
  • Provider Throughput Control
  • Provider Priority Control
  • Service Codes Control
  • Messages Quota Management
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