USSD service continuity and transformation in IMS/VoLTE and next gen mobile networks

Mobile networks are evolving from one generation to another. As a result, core network signaling and protocols are transforming as well. This transformation impacts network services and so is the case for popular USSD services. Opencode USSI Gateway and Function removes the hassle of dealing with USSD services continuity and transformation when deploying VoLTE/IMS and next generation networks.

Handle both IMS and legacy USSD services

Opencode USSI Gateway and Function allows legacy USSD services to run seamlessly in the IMS network, while at the same time it can deploy native IMS USSD services.

Seamless access of IMS subscribers to legacy USSD services

Deploying Opencode USSI Gateway in the IMS network allows IMS subscribers to seamlessly use all the MNO’s existing USSD services without the need of any service adaptation and modernization. There is no need for network changes either, since the IMS SIP signaling is translated transparently to Sigtran/SS7 signaling covering all network specifics. As such, IMS subscribers will get exactly the same USSD user experience as 2G and 3G subscribers.

Seamless access of IMS Subscribers to native IMS USSD services

Opencode USSI Function integrates directly into the IMS core and acts as USSI AS (IMS USSD application server). Thus, USSD services are provided natively in the IMS and the MNO can quickly launch new USSD services for the valuable IMS subscribers.

USSI Gateway and Function
USSI Gateway and Function
Network Integration

USSI Gateway and Function Highlighted Features

  • USSI/USSD Gateway for IMS and Legacy USSD services
  • USSI Function and USSI AS (application server) for IMS native USSI services
  • Integration into IMS and legacy core nodes (S-CSCFs, HLRs and others)
  • Mobile and Network Initiated sessions
  • Session resumption
  • Interactive USSI sessions
  • Interactive USSI campaigns
  • Charging and billing integration
  • User Profiling and Caching
  • High availability
  • Geographic redundancy
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