Mobile operators spend 15% of their annual prepaid revenue for voucher distribution.


Provisioning, secure printing, distributing and retailing of vouchers (scratch cards) is expensive and time consuming. Traditional voucher distribution chain prevents operators from responding quickly to market changes. One common problem creates an opportunity:  retailers often complain of shortages or nonexistence of certain denominations and slow, unautomated distribution cannot respond to demand quickly.  This means frustration for retailers, inconvenience for subscribers and lost or delayed revenue for mobile operators.


Operators benefit:

  • Significantly reduces OPEX
  • Increase the number of point-of-sales without involving distributors
  • Increase transaction revenue

Customers benefit:

  • Fast, simplified & flexible transactions
  • User Privacy management
  • Freedom to choose any transaction value
  • Simplified remittance orders, utilities payments and mobile commerce
  • Guaranteed QoS and Rich user experience
  • No inventory, no equipment investment (GSM phone is sufficient)
  • Diversified and dynamic mobile portfolio
  • m-Payment point-of-sales
  • Simple operations, no training required

Example of integration:


Highlighted features:


  • Multi-channel network access (USSD, SMS, WAP, IVR and Web)
  • Multi-level distribution management
  • Location based retail management
  • Multi-Handset operation of single retail account
  • Multi-Distributor feeding of single retail account
  • Customizable credit and PIN transfer flows
  • Unlimited denominations and transaction values
  • Retailer self care, self registration and self inventory
  • Reconciliation and audit options
  • Low stock and low retail balance alerting
  • USSD and SMS transaction notifications
  • USSD Menu Driven
  • PLMN integration to MSC, HLR and IN
  • Transactional integration to IN, BSS, Banking, ERP and Utility systems
  • Customer Care API
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