Transform unsuccessful calls into a strong revenue stream


Opencode Call Completion Suite (iCCS) combines a number of services that allow MNOs to easily complete and monetize a large number of calls that have failed initially. The solution is available on all generation networks and for all type of subscribers also when in roaming.


Complete calls and generate more revenue

Opencode iCCS allows subscribers with insufficient balance to complete calls and use data, thus creating a new opportunity for the MNO to charge calls and monetize on the network. Conveniently, the suite is supplemented by paid subscriptions, time- and event-based call control options and sponsored content.


Flexible call handling with a multitude of network and subscriber actions

Unsuccessful calls dropped by the network are now completed in real-time or at a later stage, on an automated, semi-automated or call-by-call basis. If desired, subscribers can control iCCS services from all mobile channels or with a dedicated app, and easily filter/block calls, manage lists and define call priorities.

Example of integration:


Highlighted features:


  • Automated, semi-automated or on a call-by-call basis call completion
  • Busy connection call completion
  • Out of network call completion
  • Poke call completion
  • Roaming call completion
  • Voice call, SMS, data credit
  • Voice call, SMS, data gifting
  • Real-time, network- and user-controlled actions and notifications to A and B parties
  • SMS, Voice SMS, Voice to MMS notifications
  • Call priority and availability set-up
  • Simple management over all mobile channels (USSD, SMS, IVR, Web, App)
  • Flexible prepaid/postpaid charging
  • One-time and recurrent subscription management
  • Seamless integration with existing infrastructure
  • Dynamic interaction with appointed external systems
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