Utilizing Mobile Infrastructure for Location-based Services

Opencode Cell Lock and Home Zone (CLHZ) offers an innovative solution for location-based mobile and broadband services. Our cutting-edge technology allows MNOs to leverage their existing infrastructure and provide fixed broadband Internet, voice, and messaging over 4G/5G networks.

Opportunity to Acquire Chunks of the Fixed Network Market

Over the last years, Fixed Networks started being less competitive because of the ever-increasing bandwidth demand and high CAPEX and OPEX costs. Here Opencode CLHZ can help MNOs win part of that market by capitalizing on their established radio infrastructure and introduction of cell locked or fixed offers to subscribers. The same infrastructure allows expanding into other innovative services and a path to fully embracing Internet of Things (IoT) opportunities.

Easy to Define Fixed Network Service Substitutes

Opencode CLHZ enables MNOs to lock user equipment (UE) access to the mobile network within a specific geographical area, known as the "Home Zone", or to a predefined mobile cell/cells. This ensures seamless connectivity and tailored services to subscribers, while mimicking a fixed network. The definition of the Home Zone or the group of cells is very flexible and can easily be expanded, downsized, or otherwise customized based on the network requirements.

Cell Lock & Home Zone
Opencode Cell Lock & Home Zone
Network Integration

Cell Lock & Home Zone Highlighted Features

  • Gx interface support
  • Support of additional AVPs in Gx interface
  • Adaptive architecture – support of Gx Server and Gx Client (optional)
  • Diameter Redirect Message support
  • Flexible Home Zone definition
  • Support of Cell Neighbors
  • APN-based service authorization
  • RAT Type-based service authorization
  • IMSI and IMEI-based service authorization
  • IMSI-IMEI lock
  • TAC-based service authorization
  • Support of whitelist/blacklist
  • Provisioning REST interface exposure
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