Flip Network-rejected Calls Into Revenue

When a prepaid caller with no balance is trying to issue a call the network dully rejects the attempt and the B-party remains unaware of the missed call. Here comes Opencode Mobile Beep Call which will push a poke call to B-party (micro call that will appear as missed call). In almost 40% of the cases the B-party will return the call thus a sizeable portion of the rejected by the networks calls will be recovered.

Issuing poke calls to B-parties regardless of their location, status and network profile

B-parties can always receive poke calls no matter if they are on- or off-net subscribers, pre- or postpaid, in roaming or not, etc. A-parties will be unable to use the service if they are off-net or are explicitly deemed non-eligible to use the service.

Freedom to market the service with or without activation and subscription

Opencode Mobile Beep Call can be introduced to subscribers without any access restrictions. Another option is to require A-parties to activate or subscribe the service via their preferred channel (USSD, Text, WEB, IVR, App). If activation or subscription option is used it can be charged one-time or recurrently. As a Service Provider, whatever is your marketing choice, Opencode Mobile Beep Call will start generating network revenue immediately.

Example of integration:


Highlighted features:

  • Conventional and LTE network implementation
  • Network-initiated poke call (micro call) to B-Party 
  • Available for voice and video calls
  • On-net prepaid A-party only
  • Available to on-net and off-net B-parties
  • A-party Self-activation/subscription and deactivation via USSD, Text, Web, IVR, App
  • Flexible activation/subscription charging (one-time or recurrent)
  • Capping control over abusive daily usage (A-party, B-party, both parties)
  • B-party managed black list
  • Low-balance notifications
  • All-channel Self-Care (USSD, SMS, WEB, IVR, App)
  • Intelligent Network Integration
  • IT Network Integration
  • Roaming support
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