Cell Broadcast During COVID-19 Pandemic

Was Cell Broadcast the Right Emergency Alert Channel For COVID-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic?

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The COVID-19 / coronavirus pandemic arrived so fast that people and governments across the globe were caught completely by surprise. Having no reliable answer to such an unforeseen circumstance, authorities worldwide declared a state of emergency and shut down businesses, restaurants, schools, airports and most public activities. Entire cities and countries were ordered to lockdown. As one billion of the world’s population remained in home isolation, the growing number of questions left unanswered by authorities, technology and science started to transform into fear.

In such fast-changing and turbulent times what mass communication tools did governments have and employ to efficiently manage this public crisis?

What communication channels did governments have in their arsenal? Were these channels efficient and enough for authorities to keep citizens safe and informed? Which governments did benefit from the early adoption and deployment of cell broadcast (Cell Broadcast Center + Cell Broadcast Entity) public warning systems? Download our whitepaper and find the answers.

Please also check our whitepaper about the different types of wireless and digital emergency alert channels and how governments use them.

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