Opencode IoT Connect Center - the intelligent way for IoT connectivity management

What is IoT connectivity management and what advantages does it bring to the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs)?

The IoT connectivity management module is an essential part of the comprehensive IoT system developed by Opencode. Essentially, it is an interface for flexible monitoring, control, and administration of accounts, to which various IoT devices are connected.

In the following paragraphs, we will try to sum up the underlying architecture, functionalities, modules, and integration fundamentals that you need to be acquainted with in order to grasp the idea behind the IoT connectivity management module and its purposes.

Opencode IoT connectivity management - basic functional scope

Our IoT connectivity management module is carefully developed to serve the needs of the mobile network operators and maintain its system, user, and partner ventures.

It is vital to discern that the IoT connectivity management module maintains a database on a Web portal level, rather than an IoT gateway level. Some of the primary functionalities of the Opencode IoT Center that we will explain further in the text include:

  • IoT Connectivity management;
  • Device and data management;
  • Orchestration and integration;
  • Service creation enablement.

By serving these purposes, the Opencode IoT connectivity management module addresses several vital processes of the MNO - starting from user experience and additional IoT services, and going to partner relationship superintendence, service provision, flexible rating, billing, and more.

These benefits of an adept IoT connectivity management module are literally a growth engine that many MNOs recognize as an invaluable business opportunity. That's why IoT connectivity management modules are nowadays among the primary objects of interest of hundreds of business owners, investors, system integrators, and technical consultants from all over the globe.

Opencode IoT connectivity management functional architecture

Understanding the IoT connectivity management functional architecture is rather uncomplicated - even for people that are not tech-savvy.

With IoT connectivity management, the assemblage of interrelated IoT applications empowers the creation and execution of different administration services. All in all, the operative purposes of the IoT connectivity management module go as following:

  • The service application programming interface (API) exposure supports both partner self-care and MNO partner & product admin web.
  • The Device Management & Diagnostics application enables swift provisioning and on-the-spot order management;
  • The Connectivity monitoring, alarms & reporting encourages the provider to deliver first-class subscription management for various users;
  • The SMS Center IoT application allows adept administration of the Home Location Register (HLR) and/or the Home Subscriber Server (HSS);
  • The Device & Data Management option provides flexible opportunities for rating, billing, and policy control on the part of the provider.

All these IoT connectivity management functionalities can easily communicate with different IoT partners, such as customer relationship management platforms and financial systems employed in the invoicing process.

IoT connectivity management is, therefore, a comprehensive module that helps administrators handle operations at all sections of the supply chain process.

Opencode IoT connectivity management modules

The IoT Center of Opencode consists of various IoT connectivity management modules that operators can freely choose from, combine and consolidate. A brief description of these IoT connectivity management modules incorporates:

  • Device and Data IoT connectivity management module

It enables device communication via different protocols (AMQP, HTTPS, etc.) and provides device data accommodated for management facilitation. The Device and Data Management IoT connectivity management module also supports device configuration updates and device registration under different protocol templates (LWM2M, UDP & CoAP).

  • Network IoT connectivity management module

Opencode Network IoT connectivity management module supports dedicated HSS with reduced license prices, SMS Center notifications, alarming and device communication, and a dedicated OCS/PCRF – an all-in-one unit for IoT charging and policy management.

  • MNO Partner & Product Admin Web

This IoT connectivity management module allows providers to efficiently manage partner subscriptions, set up portal rights for their partners, and monitor service-level agreement (SLA) reports in real-time.

Other IoT connectivity management modules may include:

  • IoT dedicated subscription management, bundled with SMS/Voice/Data traffic or service;
  • Service Alarms & Reporting thresholds set to trigger alarms and opened to applications;
  • Provisioning and enterprise order request management;
  • Partner IoT Self Care with real-time statistics data on devices.

As you can already grasp, IoT connectivity management is a sophisticated service that can be tailored to every individual enterprise, its needs, and its character.

For more technical details and visualization of our IoT connectivity management modules, you can download our Opencode IoT Center brochure, freely accessible for every visit of our website.

Opencode IoT connectivity management network integration fundamentals

An IoT connectivity management network provides multi-channel communication, monitoring, and data transfer between the following parties:

  • Opencode IoT connectivity management module, e.g. Opencode IoT Center;
  • IoT enabled customer devices (handheld devices, household electronics, vehicles, security systems, etc.) and the MNO network;
  • Partner Applications and Partner Admin Panels;
  • MNO's Customer Care and Invoicing.

The continual cooperation of devices in the IoT connectivity management network allows all parties to act flexibly and provide state-of-the-art service for their individual and corporate users.

Opencode IoT connectivity management is currently helping MNOs in over 50 countries around the world to deliver this type of new-generation service to their customers and the public.

Opencode IoT connectivity management further details

The explanation above may or may not have suited your level of technical expertise. In both cases, the team of Opencode is here to deliver additional info on IoT connectivity management and IoT connectivity management applicability in your individual situation.

If the technical details on the system are too much for you, you can reach out to our team and ask for a more straightforward proof of concept for the IoT connectivity management.

Suppose you are, on the contrary - eager to learn additional technical specifications about the Opencode IoT connectivity management. In that case, you can always download our commercial brochure, or call in to brainstorm with our engineers and technicians.

Our team is here to discuss the implementation of the IoT connectivity management center to suit your particular needs, requirements, internal MNO infrastructure, and ultimate business aims.

Opencode IoT Connect Center - the intelligent way for IoT connectivity management

Opencode IoT connectivity management - basic functional scope

Opencode IoT connectivity management functional architecture

Opencode IoT connectivity management modules

Opencode IoT connectivity management network integration fundamentals

Opencode IoT connectivity management further details

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