Mobile Marketing and Advertising across all channels


Operator’s Marketing creates offers so as to meet and drive ever changing customer and business needs. Mobile marketing is one of the few tools that provide fast and simple access to a large mass of customers. The creative potential of Mobile marketing is fully utilized when deployed with custom made campaigns across all mobile channels.


Advanced Marketing and Advertising tools

Opencode Campaign Manager offers a comprehensive approach for creation, execution, delivery and monitoring of scheduled interactive surveys, timely promotional alerts, bespoke mobile voting and key advertising messages. Mobile operators independently or together with governments, businesses and market research companies, can now easily increase the exposure of their marketing campaigns via mobile voting, surveys, polls, competitions, promotions, advertisements, quiz applications and many more.


Better engage, learn, adjust and retain

Opencode Campaign Manager allows mobile operators to engage and interact actively with their subscribers in real-time. Operators can also monitor progress, performance, and behavior metrics thus understanding better their customers. This valuable feedback helps MNOs adjust their offers and effectively retain their subscriber base.

Example of integration:


Highlighted features:


  • All-channel mobile marketing, advertising and sponsoring (USSDC, IVR, SMSC, WEB, MMSC, other)
  • Network initiated campaigns
  • User controlled campaign step-in
  • Multi-campaign management
  • Campaign prioritization and throughput management
  • Web-based campaign studio
  • Multi-level approval workflow
  • Multi-level third-party control
  • Real-time target feeding
  • Target list management
  • Multi-window time management
  • Configurable check-points
  • Manual and automatic check-point resume
  • Real-time campaign awarding
  • Integration of subscription options
  • Delivery and revenue monitoring
  • Operator campaign reports
  • Third-party campaign reports
  • Multi-language support
  • Customer profiling
  • Campaign CDRs
  • SMS and e-mail campaign status notifications
  • Real-time QoS
  • SNMP Alarming