Bring more value to subscribers by reporting all their unanswered and uncompleted calls


With Missed Call Notification service mobile subscribers get the insurance to have all missed calls reported even if their phones are switched off, out or in bad network coverage.


Stimulate call completion in markets with low voicemail usage

Missed calls are typically routed to voicemail. However calls are often released without any voice message. Frequently voicemail service is even not activated by subscribers and thousands of missed calls are lost uncompleted and not charged.


Boost call completion and revenues

Thanks to significant increase in call completion, Missed Call Notification service generates new revenues for the operator.


Smart SMS missed calls service

The SMS notification service consolidates missed calls information minimizing the number of SMS alerts while reporting details of all missed calls. While scrolling the SMS notification the subscriber can intuitively select a caller ID and press the call button. As consequence he will be automatically connected to the caller.


USSD and SMS pull facility

Subscribers have the facility to ask information about missed calls by sending an USSD or SMS. Typically the network returns missed call information by SMS. Lately operators have successfully introduced USSD missed calls check providing on-demand information about the latest 5 missed calls.

Example of integration:


Highlighted features:


  • All generation network integration(Conventional, VoIP, hybrid)
  • Scaling to millions of BHCA
  • STP (signaling transfer point) or MCP (monitoring connection point) Configuration
  • Smart Consolidated Alerting – minimizing the number of SMS while reporting all missed calls details
  • Direct SMS Alerting (offloading SMSC)
  • Language Management – Each subscriber receives SMS notifications in its own language
  • One-touch Caller Management – Allow one-touch call-back or add caller to address book
  • Roaming Support
  • USSD and SMS Pull Mechanism
  • Availability Alert – Notifies the caller by voice or SMS for available B party.
  • Temporary Voicemail – Dynamic creation of temporary Voicemail boxes (for non-VMS subscribers)
  • Voicemail Subscribers Alerts – for those left with no voice message.
  • Handling of expired notifications
  • WEB based OMC and administration
  • Real-time QoS monitoring
  • SNMP alarming
  • Non-Redundant, Redundant and Geographical Redundant platform architectures
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