Elevating Insights on Subscriber Real-time Geolocation

Opencode Subscriber Location Database (SLD) is a cutting-edge platform delivering real-time geolocation insights for All-G networks. The solution offers unparalleled benefits for numerous different use cases of mobile operators, governments, and business partners alike.

Enhancing Campaign Precision and Network Optimization

Opencode SLD helps MNOs launch precision geo-marketing campaigns and maintain current subscriber location information. The platform stores historical data for an in-depth analysis and could provide anonymized datasets to external business partners. In addition, insights from subscriber density and movement data support radio network optimization and strategic planning. The flexibility to represent the data on maps or to retrieve it via APIs adds a new level of adaptability to the MNO’s strategies.

Helping Governments Keep Law and Order

Governments can leverage Opencode SLD for tracking subscribers in real time, an invaluable tool for population movement monitoring during emergency situations. The platform can also help determine the handset location during emergency calls or assist law enforcement agencies in locating persons of interest. The accumulated subscribers’ location data could be stored and retrieved later by the relevant agencies.

Subscriber Location Database
Subscriber Location Database
Network Integration

Subscriber Location Database Highlighted Features

  • 2G,3G, 4G and 5G Support
  • RANAP Probing
  • Network Interrogation
  • Active Location Retrieval Methods
  • Passive Location Retrieval Methods
  • HTTP/SOAP APIs Exposure for Data Retrieval
  • SMPP Support
  • MAP Support
  • Heatmaps Support
  • Configurable Data Retention Period
  • In/Out Geofencing Support
  • Privacy Data Protection
  • Data Anonymization
  • K-anonymity Algorithm Support
  • Web-based GUI
  • Personalized Statistics and Reports
  • SNMP Alarming and Monitoring
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