Opencode Systems is the creator of the industry’s original USSD Center and continues to set the standard for USSDC worldwide:

Opencode Systems pioneered USSD and continues to drive the industry’s USSD agenda. Deployed by more than 50 mobile operators, Opencode iUSSD Center is today’s most adopted and fully open, multi-service and multi-provider USSD platform. Its unrivaled and unique Studio enables rapid development of USSD applications and allows multi-level and cross-channel service creation, thus opening a new wave of business opportunities. 


Quality real-time user experience enabling transaction-based mobile and financial services

User interaction with mobile applications is instantaneous and easy, increasing application usage and subscriber spending. Opencode iUSSD Center is the preferred platform for transaction-based mobile and financial services as it guarantees response time and full-session interaction.


Running USSD Services in IMS Networks

Enables USSD applications to run in IMS networks without any need for re-development. Eliminates Circuit Switched Fallback (CSFB) problems caused by non-support of USSD in LTE networks. Provides seamless service continuity.


Instantly adding value to the mobile network

Via simple IP reconfiguration, existing and new SMS, STK, WAP, IVR and other mobile applications can be available by USSD instantly. Every day Opencode helps Mobile Operators worldwide increase the list of killer USSD implementations.

Example of integration:


Highlighted features:


  • USSD All-G conformance
  • USSI IMS/CSCF/CSFB conformance
  • Industry-leading USSD Gateway with owned, in-house developed Sigtran MAP and IP SIP stacks
  • Industry-leading USSD Application and Menu Browsing Server
  • Web-based Studio and simulators with DIY (do-it-yourself) cross-channel and multi-language service creation and deployment
  • USSD-over-Data iCarrierApp (iOS, Android)
  • Mobile- and Network-initiated sessions and session resumption
  • Multi-channel menu/service browsing
  • Load-sharing and load-control over each protocol in the protocol chain
  • Premium numbers, multi-service management and multi-provider hosting
  • Multi-HSS, Multi-OCS, Multi-BSS Network Access
  • Multiple Service Access with 50+ external integration interfaces and standards
  • Multiple Enterprise Access with freely definable and manageable 3rd party APIs within an API Portal
  • Interactive Broadcast and Sponsoring
  • Standard and Heavy-duty scalable configurations
  • Diameter, CAMEL, CORBA and CDR charging and billing
  • User Profiling and Caching
  • SMS_MT Network Interface
  • Opencode SaaS Cloud-ready
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