API Exposure of New Generation Networks Rich Communication (RCS) Capabilities

RCS represents an evolution of SMS technology to a fully featured messaging service that allows users with compliant handsets to enjoy various multimedia services like chat, file transfer, video and image sharing, even checking the whereabouts of friends and family.

The RCS environment within the IMS core is built around two main modules. The first is the RCS Enablers that are needed to deliver and keep multimedia services to RCS users. The second is RCS Gateway that exposes RCS network resources to RCS application developers or partners secure and standard APIs.

Deployment of RCS services reduces the OTT impact on MNOs by offering similar advanced communication services, especially to enterprise customers. The RCS environment also helps with the introduction of additional value-added services like sharing of media contents, location and social networks information.

Partner developers can easily and quickly deploy new RCS services thanks to the standard OMA APIs exposed by the RCS Gateway. The APIs themselves are highly secured so that nobody besides the partners will have access to the resources of RCS service users.

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